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Privacy Policy

The controller of your personal data is the company Filar Fundusz Hipoteczny.

If you have any questions regarding personal data and the rights you are entitled to, please kindly contact us by email at:

The Filar Fund, which owns the website, makes every effort to ensure that your personal data and privacy are properly protected in accordance with the Privacy Policy, effective from May 25, 2018. Cookies are used solely for the purposes of administering the website, preparing the offer, and for statistical purposes.


The Controller of your personal data is the company Filar Fundusz. The company has been registered in the National Court Register.

The Website – hereinafter referred to as the “Website” available at the address is managed and operated by the company Filar, hereinafter referred to as the Controller.

Device – refers to the electronic device through which the Website User accesses the Website.

Website User – is anyone who visits the website or uses its functionalities: the ability to send inquiries via the contact form located on the page or to send a direct email with an inquiry.


  1. The website collects information voluntarily provided by the User.
  2. All data of Website Users are collected and processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy, effective from May 25, 2018.
  3. We obtain your data in the following ways:
    1. Contacts initiated by your representatives or employees in the form of direct email messages and sent via the contact form with a request for a commercial offer,
    2. Publicly available personal databases (National Court Register [KRS], National Business Registry [REGON], Central Registration and Information on Business [CEIDG]),
    3. Contacts obtained during industry conferences,
    4. During direct contacts with your representatives and employees,
    5. Sent by your representatives and employees via the contact form or directly to the email address,
    6. Provided by the user for issuing an invoice or bill,
  4. The Controller of the website processes the following information:
    1. Name of the business,
    2. Exact address of the company registered office,
    3. Taxpayer Identification Number [NIP] and National Business Registry Number [REGON],
    4. Email addresses,
    5. Phone numbers,
    6. First and last name,
    7. Exact residential address with postal code,
    8. Content of the email message sent by the User of the Website,
    9. Phone number sent by the User of the Website,
  5. The legal basis for processing the aforementioned personal data is consent and the legitimate interest of the Controller, which consists of securing data and evidence for potential claims.
  6. The website user has the full right to access their personal data, and they also have the right to restrict its processing or its removal. The Controller has 30 days to respond to the User’s request, which should be sent in writing to the address:


  1. The Website uses cookies, and the Website User has the full ability to disable or restrict access of cookies to their Device. If this option is used, it will still be possible to use the Website, but we would like to point out that disabling browser support for cookies may affect the proper functioning of the website.
  2. All cookies used on the website are used to implement many functions, primarily for statistical, advertising purposes, functionality analysis of our website, and content adjustment to visiting Users of the Website.
  3. The cookies utilized by the Controller are completely safe for the Website User and their Device.
  4. The entity collecting and processing data obtained through cookies is the Controller of the website.
  5. The Controller of the website uses the following cookies:
    1. Session cookies are temporary files, stored on the Website User’s Device until the end of the session. Storage ends when logging out, leaving the Website, and turning off the Device.
    2. Permanent cookies are permanent files that remain saved on the Website User’s Device for the time specified by the browser in the cookie parameters or until they are manually deleted by the User. The function of permanent cookies is to check and identify new and existing users of the Website.
  6. Cookies sent via the Website may also be used by cooperating partners and advertisers for statistical and advertising purposes.


  1. The Controller of the website uses cookies to properly configure the website:
    1. Reads basic parameters of the Device, to properly adjust and display the Website
    2. Uses the User’s location to properly configure selected functions of the Website in terms of their location.
  2. Cookies placed on the Website User’s Device are made available and processed for analytical and advertising purposes using Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and Pixel Facebook.
  3. The Website User can edit and view information collected by the advertising network resulting from cookies using the tool:
    1. Google advertising network:
    2. Facebook advertising network:
  4. The Controller of the Website uses cookies for research and analysis of website statistics, which help the Controller understand how Users use the Website.
  5. The Controller uses Cookies to collect anonymous and general statistical data through analytical tools, Google Analytics, which are managed by Google Inc based in the USA.