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Loan obtainment process

What does the loan granting procedure look like?

See how simple it is!

The loan granting procedure is extremely simple for the client. After a preliminary analysis performed by our advisor, the client receives information about the preliminary credit decision. After accepting the property as security by the Loan Institution, we send the client a draft agreement.

The entire agreement is explained by our Advisor to ensure that the client understands its content and is aware of the associated risks (It is important to be aware that taking on any credit commitments is associated with risk. More below in point “What are the risks associated with a mortgage loan?”).

We arrange the signing of the agreement in a notary’s office, at a convenient time for you. After signing the agreement, the funds are paid into the client’s account.

Filling out the application

Fill out the application on the website or call us.

Sending documents

We will analyse the documents you send and get back to you within 24 hours.

Negotiation and adjustment of offers

The agreement is read and signed in a notary’s office, which is a guarantee of security and that it complies with applicable legal regulations.

Payout of funds

Payout of funds to the provided bank account, or handing over money in cash.

We are at your disposal

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