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Mortgage annuity

Lifetime annuity is a solution dedicated to seniors who want to increase their income in retirement.

Why choose us?

We provide convenient conditions that significantly facilitate clients in obtaining the expected amount. An additional pension for housing is a chance to ensure a higher standard of living or professional medical care.

Let your flat earn for you!

Transparent contractual terms

The entire agreement is explained by our Advisor to ensure that the client understands its content and is aware of the associated risks

Cash for life

Monthly inflow of cash for life, and it's worth mentioning that the income from a lifetime annuity is not taxable

No operating charges

The flat you've worked for all your life, now earns for you! Additionally, we take over the charges related to property insurance

Large inflow of cash in retirement

A one-time inflow of cash for a purpose chosen by you. Money ideally suited to repay debt or other expenditure

Safe lifetime annuity

Retirement does not have to mean a reduction in the standard of living. A lifetime annuity is a monthly additional income, an excellent supplement to the pension paid by the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS). All it takes is to be 65 years old and own property.
The lifetime mortgage annuity is determined by us based on several factors. We take into account the value of your property, as well as your age and gender. You will know the specific amount when you contact our advisor.

Yes, lifetime annuities are a secure solution that can benefit you too.

A lifetime annuity agreement in exchange for a flat is an agreement signed based on the civil code. Around the world, for several decades, pensioners have been successfully using this financial service.

Jeśli jako senior nie możemy znaleźć pomocy finansowej w rodzinie, z rozwiązaniem przychodzi renta hipoteczna. Sprawdź jak możemy pomóc.

Gain financial comfort in retirement

A lifetime annuity is a financial solution that can be used by every senior who:

  • is at least 65 years old,
  • is the owner of a flat,
  • is looking for an alternative to loans and credits for financial support.

Our goal is to grant mortgage annuities on favourable terms

Our goal is to grant mortgage annuities on favourable terms, which are primarily safe and beneficial for our clients. We provide every senior with an agreement and give time to familiarise with its content or consult it with the closest family or a lawyer.
Janina, Warsaw

I can recommend the Filar Fund in all good conscience. Full professionalism, extensive knowledge, very well presented offer. Additionally, excellent contact from start to finish and very efficient conduct of the entire process. In case of any doubts, you could always count on an explanation. In summary – I will definitely recommend it, couldn’t have found better.

Henryk, Krakrów

I received help instantly. Full commitment supported by competence and experience from the advisor. Excellent phone and correspondence contact. I recommend it!

Bożena, Warsaw

When the benefits from the Social Insurance Institution and additional work didn't allow me to live decently and get out of the debt spiral, I started looking for other solutions, seeing the worst scenarios on the horizon. Thanks to the help of the fund, I continue to live in my flat, and I have no problems with lacking anything. The decision in my case was quick, and the agreement issues were explained so that a senior like me could understand everything. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

To receive a lifetime annuity, it is enough to be 65 years old and have property ownership or cooperative ownership rights to the premises.

Lifetime annuity is aimed at people who want to get regular additional money to pension from real estate.

We are at your disposal

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