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Investments in mortgage loans

You no longer have to choose between high risk and low return.

Why choose us?

The primary collateral for investments is real estate. The value of the collateral significantly exceeds the amount of the loan granted.

Transparent rules

You cooperate with an institution registered in the register of loan institutions maintained by FSA. You know exactly what you are investing in and on what terms.

High interest rate

Thanks to our proven business model, built on real transactions, we can offer you an above-average return on investment.

Professional care

Benefit from our experience and support at every stage of the process. We will ensure you have all the necessary information.


Mortgage-secured loans are lowly correlated with stock or bond markets, making the investment resistant to economic changes. You receive interest in equal instalments every quarter, without the need to follow stock charts.


All our investments are secured by a mortgage and additional legal securities. Our goal is to minimize investment risk.

Protection against inflation

In times of high inflation, we offer a great alternative to traditional investment forms, capable of protecting more of your capital.

The need for investments that will maintain the value of accumulated capital in times of rampant inflation is growing.

In recent years, the Polish economy has felt serious effects caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, monetary policy, and the war in Ukraine. We know that investors are looking for security and stabilization. Being aware that there is no investment without risk, our mission is ethical and partnership cooperation with the investor, transparency, and striving to provide peace in capital growth.

Take a step towards financial freedom with our investment opportunity

For many years, the interest rate on bank deposits has been very low, and more and more people are looking for new investment opportunities. One of them is investing in mortgage loans. Investing in consumer loans and business loans through a professional loan institution can generate long-term returns compared to bank deposits, as well as popular international indices for stocks, bonds, and real estate.
Alternatywne sposoby inwestycji, historycznie wysokie zyski z inwestycji w nieruchomości

Frequently asked questions by investors

Investments are made in the form of an Alternative Investment Company (AIC).

We are at your disposal

Don’t hesitate and let us help you. Together we will achieve your financial goals.