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Fundamental values that guide us



We operate honestly, respecting applicable law and social coexistence principles, considering the interests of Clients and the well-being of the financial market. We do not abuse our dominant position resulting from the advantage of resources, including the qualifications or competencies of persons acting on our behalf.



Realizing that financial institutions are perceived as entities of public trust, we adhere to the principle of professionalism. The relationships between Clients and our Employees are professional. Activities performed by Fund Representatives are based solely on substantive premises, verified based on available knowledge and professional experience, excluding any factors referring to client characteristics that discriminate against them or circumstances in which they could expect special considerations regarding the granting of a loan or its conditions.


Trust and dignity

We act in a way that inspires trust and with full respect for the dignity of Clients and Contractors.



We provide Clients with clear and reliable information about offered products and services, facilitating the Client in making the right choice. Our company ensures that the Client is fully aware of the content of the signed Agreement and the associated risk, so we always provide document templates and inform about risks, including those related to the risk of losing the object of security – real estate. The services we offer are honestly advertised.


Client protection

We comply with applicable regulations regarding personal data protection, ensure their security, and take care that all information is used in accordance with the law.



Behind our actions lies transparency, we share document templates in advance, discuss offers in detail, inform exhaustively about costs and risks, and also provide full and reliable answers to questions asked by Clients.



We act with due diligence, ensuring that our Representatives have the appropriate competencies, as well as demonstrate appropriate ethics and culture, including applying these Principles.


Resources and procedures

We operate according to adopted procedures to provide Clients with the highest level of service and have resources suitable for efficiently performing our duties.


Internal relations

Crucial in the way we operate is shaping proper relations with our Employees and Collaborators in the spirit of mutual respect and responsibility, providing suitable conditions for the performance of activities by Employees and persons acting on our behalf.


Preventing conflicts of interest

We create procedures intended to prevent the emergence of conflicts of interest. If, despite due diligence, such a conflict has arisen, we strive to resolve it in a way that ensures fair and reliable treatment of clients.



Without violating our interests and maintaining professional and trade secrecy, we cooperate in promoting good market practices and corporate governance and, as far as possible, in eliminating phenomena from economic practice that hinder the development of the financial market, especially unfair, unreliable, or non-compliant actions with the principles set out in the Good Practice Principles.