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In today’s times, when traditional financial institutions impose increasingly stringent requirements and restrictions, many individuals and companies may encounter difficulties in obtaining the necessary financial assistance. That’s why a modern and secure loan company was created, whose mission is to provide financial support for our clients. We specialize in non-bank loans secured by real estate and in the payment of lifetime annuity benefits. Our services are not only a solution for financial difficulties but also enable an improvement in the quality of life and achieving financial stability.

At the FILAR Mortgage Fund, our priority is the safety of our clients. We care about the confidentiality of the information entrusted to us and compliance with applicable laws, striving to adapt to standards and regulations set by market-regulating bodies long before the competition. Our team consists of experienced specialists who have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide professional financial services. We are also transparent in our actions, providing our clients with clear loan and lifetime annuity benefit terms.

As an investment company, we realize that every client has unique goals and expectations. Therefore, we offer a flexible approach, tailored to the individual needs and capabilities of our clients. We assist in finding properties that match their investment strategy and provide support in market analysis, risk assessment, and property management. Our priority is to provide professional advice and build long-term relationships based on trust and a partnership approach.

Together, we can achieve success in the real estate market and build a stable financial future.


The company's operations cover the entire territory of Poland.

With our extensive network of cooperating specialists and access to the latest technologies, we are ready to serve you anywhere in Poland. Whether you live in a big city or in the countryside, the FILAR Mortgage Fund is available to you.

Choose convenience, time-saving, and complete safety by using our services throughout the country and a remote document verification process. Trust us as your financial partner who will provide you with the needed help in a convenient and reliable way. Use our services now and see how easily and effectively we can meet your financial needs!

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Don’t hesitate and let us help you. Together we will achieve your financial goals.